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Do you want to build your dream business on your terms and dominate your market?

Do you want to develop unstoppable confidence in your personal and professional life?

Tracy Tutor

Tracy Tutor

Tracy Tutor has the fire of a badass and the calmness of a Zen master.

Own the Room AND Your Business With Tracy Tutor takes the core principles from her latest book, Fear Is Just a Four-Letter Word, to a new level in this inspirational 4-week online experience.

She has the secrets to building your dream business on your terms. The Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles star will dive into how to develop unstoppable confidence in both your personal and professional life in this virtual experience. Not to mention you’ll hear from Tracy about the strategies she uses at work and at home to dominate the market. Register now with your name and email address, and keep an eye on your inbox for the confirmation of enrollment.

week 1

Set Up Your Day to

January 13, 2021

Tracy walks through how she sets a structure and schedule for her and her team, and divides and conquers her list of action items.

week 2

Embrace the Failure and
Move the Fuck On

January 20, 2021

To measure success, you also have to understand and measure your losses. Tracy shares how to channel any failure into a success mindset.

week 3

Owning Your Business
and Your Brand

January 27, 2021

One of Tracy’s key strategies is how authentically she connects her everyday lifestyle to her business. She’ll show you how to do the same with your own brand.

week 4

Your Personal Life, on
YOUR Terms

February 3, 2021

In your fourth and final week, Tracy will share her secrets to feeling confident and empowered, raising two independent girls, and staying true to what works for her.

There are two options to gain access to this incredible 4-week online experience:

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And that’s not all. You will also get access to these tools and resources to help along the way:

  • Attend Tracy’s 4-part series LIVE.
  • Get the opportunity to ask Tracy any burning question you have about your own business as part of a LIVE Q&A.**
  • After watching LIVE, you can then access Tracy’s 4-part video series at your convenience.
  • Take action with Tracy’s cheat sheets.

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But don’t just take our word for it here is what others have to say about Tracy

“Working with A-list clients on multimillion dollar deals, stress basically rises out of the carpet. But Tracy doesn’t let fear control her. She somehow has the fire of a badass and the calmness of a Zen master no matter who she’s dealing with. This book tells you how she does it, and how you, too, can make fear your bitch.”

Fredrik Eklund

author of The Sell

“It takes a special kind of person to make it in Los Angeles, never mind in real estate. That person is Tracy Tutor. If you want to learn how to tackle life and career with a zero-fucks attitude, and grow some balls of steel while you’re at it.”

Caroline Stanbury

costar of Ladies of London

“If anyone can reveal the art of how to own a room, it’s Tracy Tutor.”

Josh Altman

costar of Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles; author of The Altman Close

“Tracy’s ability to navigate through work and life with that perfect combination of finesse, grace, and, of course, sass continues to astound me.”

Angie Harmon

actor, writer, director, producer, and swimmer

“Tracy is a pretty and powerful blend of girl boss femininity, style, humor, smarts, ambition, and kick-ass sass! She’s my kind of businesswoman: fearless, sharp, determined, and relentless, all while taking over the world in a stiletto heel.”

Jerrod Blandino

CEO of Too Faced Cosmetics


The Book

From the first female real estate broker on Million Dollar Listing LA, a no-nonsense guide to analyzing big egos, deflecting power plays, and taking control of any room.

Fear Is Just a Four-Letter Word: How to Develop the Unstoppable Confidence to Own the Room

Behind Tracy Tutor's on-screen persona is an uncanny knack for projecting confidence in the most intimidating of circumstances. The breezy, tough-talking, utterly inimitable businesswoman has rivaled her male co-stars to land increasingly high-profile deals in the world of LA real estate. Now, Tracy is leveraging her years of experience to write the go-to manual for any woman struggling to convince people she's in charge.

If you get thrown off course by narcissistic personalities or freaked out by high-stakes situations, don't assume you're weak. When fear is running the show, you get wrapped up in your head and start missing important cues. Yes, the people you're dealing with seem scary, but they're more predictable than you think. Once you understand them, it's easy to push the right levers of influence to get what you want.

Through candid, hilarious stories of her rise through a world of misogyny and cutthroat business dealings (text message screenshots from creeps included!), Tracy offers a crash course in the psychology of power dynamics and social signaling. You'll learn:

  • What five things you should always find out about someone before you meet them
  • How to choose the perfect outfit for an important meeting, even when dressing on a budget
  • When and how to use humor strategically to lighten the mood and command authority

This book is a must-read for any ambitious woman who wants to win her next business confrontation before she even walks into the room.


Tracy Tutor

With almost 20 years of experience, Tracy Tutor is one of the top agents at Douglas Elliman Beverly Hills and is an integral part of their Sports & Entertainment division. She has an undeniably strong presence and a confidence that has propelled her into the rooms of some of the most powerful people in LA, representing some of the most noteworthy brands in real estate, and iconic architects. She has been chosen to be the US Ambassador for the Royal Atlantis Resort and Residences in Dubai, and is also an Ambassador for Costa Palmas, on the East Cape of Los Cabos

She is the first and only female cast member on Bravo's Million Dollar Listing LA. The show's twelfth season premiered in May 2020 and will run until August 2020. A native to California, Tracy has lived all over Los Angeles, from Hidden Hills to the Hollywood Hills, and strives to maintain a work-life balance by spending time with her family and friends. Her first book, Fear Is Just a Four-Letter Word, is available now from Penguin Random House.

Digital Course


  • Will you give me concrete action steps as part of this?

    YES! I will provide step-by-step plans for each week’s topic, to help you grow your business. You’ll also receive cheat sheets to help you implement that week’s content.

  • Will the digital course help me “juggle it all”?

    Balance is bullshit. No one has it, and if they tell you they do, they're probably lying to you. Still, that’s one of the top questions I get as a successful real estate agent, mom of two fierce girls, and world traveler. I have an entire week’s training dedicated to this very topic—to help you juggle work, home, family, and self-care.

  • What if I miss a Wednesday training?

    Every Zoom training will be archived in your course site!

  • Will this course really help me stand out?

    You guys might be thinking, how difficult is it to stand out today? There's so much competition out there and there's so much talent. And what I want to talk to you about is finding how you stand out authentically so that you could talk about it, you can communicate about it. Because we all have something inside of us that makes us successful. It's about honing in on what exactly that is, so you can use it to be your most powerful, authentic self.