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1048: Behind-the-Scenes of Real Estate with Million Dollar Listing's Tracy Tutor
Sticking with the week's theme of real estate, Tracy Tutor, star of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, joins the show with details of the behind-the-scenes housing activity in the Los Angeles area. Tracy is a mother, entrepreneur and Real Estate agent with over 15 years of experience.
Tracy Tutor Talks Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles Season 12 | Christyreports Exclusive
Women on Top
Tammin and Roxy sit down with Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles star Tracy Tutor and talk selling Rose McGowan’s house and making history as the first female realtor on her hit show.
The Deal with Danny Brown
Who is the only women star on Million Dollar Listing and how to list $500M of real estate in Malibu?
Respect The Grind
How to Break Into LUXURY Real Estate with Tracy Tutor
The REC Experience Podcast
Jas interviews Tracy Tutor of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles! She opens up about her history as a real estate agent, TV personality and mother. Tracy delves into how women and realtors can empower themselves to be at the peak of their game.
Reality of Reality
As a huge fan of MILLION DOLLAR LISTING on Bravo, I was thrilled to talk to the only (finally) female agent on the show Tracy Tutor. Tracy was already a big shot realtor in Los Angeles before she joined the cast last season she wasn’t just cast because she’s gorgeous and has great style. She is a top seller, has great relationships and knows how to stay above the fray and be a mature adult when her male co-stars are acting like children. I had a great time talking to her about it all - her career, the end of her marriage - some of the more emotional scenes we’ve seen so far this season - and of course - where she gets all those fabulous clothes!
Family Law Attorney Laura Wasser answers questions, shares anecdotes and chats with opinionated men and women, innovative thought-leaders and celebrities about breaking up, getting divorced and moving on. There's no way around it... breaking up sucks... but it doesn't have to be that way!
How To Become A Bad-Ass Businesswoman, Life After Marriage & Divorce, Co-Parenting and More With "Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles" Star Tracy Tutor!
On today's episode, Gretchen & Slade come full circle in the real estate world as they welcome Tracy Tutor, the first-ever female to star on the hit reality show "Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles". From waiting tables to becoming a bad-ass mogul in a tough business to starring on a successful reality show, the single Mother of 2 dishes on everything from her favorite co-stars, the juicy behind-the-scenes moments that didn't air, how the real drama lies with her male co-stars and how her insecurities almost prevented her from joining the show.
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